Holy Sh*t! I am having twins!

And my 19 month old is thriving through his “terrible twos” phase. Finding out that I am having twins; or let’s back track… finding out that I was pregnant was a nice surprise but two little blessings sent me through a huge surge of excitement. But when I got home, I hit that Google search bar of my phone with phrases like “just found out I am having twins, the fear and anxiety is too much” or “pregnant with twins, how do I deal with going from one to three children?” and even “just found out I am having twins, how do I deal with the not so positive reaction from family/friends”. Yeah, in breaking the news to others, no reaction was created equal. I was feeling it and I was fearing it and with my history of loss (in pregnancy), I felt an immense amount of guilt behind my doubts of whether I could handle it all. I also felt like my son was going to miss me and I could not get through my head that I would now have to divide my time three ways (five if you include my husband and myself), but the blessing of it all felt too real to sit in these negative feelings for too long.

Nonetheless, I put on my big girl panties and forged ahead with this news. Organizing not only my thoughts but my everyday routine, my health/fitness, my finances and even the way I approached my son Gabriel in terms of learning and loving. My husbands positivity has brought me to a solid understanding that everything happens when it is supposed to – the universe makes no mistake in what you are granted and he is sooo right :). These are just some of the ways in which I organized my thoughts and everyday life in an effort to get a grip on daily stressors during this pregnancy; because let’s face it, while everyone will tell you to relax, yeah… that shit doesn’t always happen.

My thought processes:

  • In many situations, I am plagued with “the worst that could happen” scenario. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! It will alter your actions, your reactions and almost certainly make you feel inadequate in situations where you are more than capable. You’re not alone! Read, write, do things that bring you joy. Love on yourself, your children, people who lift your spirit. You get me? Read more here:


  • My AppleWatch is my best friend. It sounds cliche’ but yessss I count my steps – simply because even if I cannot make it to the gym, I don’t end my night feeling like I did absolutely nothing to contribute to my daily and or weekly goals. Every step counts. They count just as much as what you feed your body. I am not one for diets and fads. I do stay away from red meat however and eat clean for the most part (minus the occasional banana split and french fry addiction I took up in college). Eat people! Just please be conscious of how you feel and if it doesn’t make you feel good, it is probably not your thing. Read more here:


  • Finances have always been a big deal for me. I need a Plan A,B,C,D,E,F… ehh you get it, I am organized. I budget, I save and have a totally separate account specifically for my son and his needs should things get tight. Just the way I like to do things – this is no blueprint. In short, write things down, they are easier to tackle when they are on paper. Read more here:

Loving and Teaching my toddler:

  • This has been a given since his birth. I truly think this little man is a genius! Being a working mother, he has been in daycare but thrives in every single environment he is placed into (sorry I had to brag a little lol). I continue to show him everyday that he is loved and reinforce the teaching and routine he has established at school without fail. It not only aids me in preparation for the twins but I can feel his sense of security that mommy has this locked down!

The Negative Nancies:

  • There are going to be people your whole life that believe that they know how you SHOULD be doing things or COULD be doing things, they are not with you daily so do not uneccessarily carry them and their negative emotions around with you. Pregnancy should be a happy experience and for anyone willing to overwhelm you with their thoughts on what they “feel”. Let them feel them somewhere else. Oh and for those who disappear during your pregnancy – friends and or family, they did you a favor. 🙂


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