7 Toxic Thoughts I Dropped to Become the Best Version of Myself

Being mindful on how we treat ourselves not only matters in the external but the internal. Have you ever just stopped and thought, “What in the real f*ck did I just say to myself?” Yeah, those crazy ass remarks about my every move and those sneaky bouts of doubt that come and go made me re-evaluate my way of thinking.

There are still bad days but I find that many of my good ones are dictated by the way that I speak silently to myself and filtering between what I feel, and what’s real.

Here are the top 7 toxic thoughts that I dropped to become a better version of myself.

  1. “My thoughts, feelings and what I have to say is not important.” This is the first thought that needed to be purged from my mind. I wish I would have known this one sooner because  speaking your truth kills the silence that makes the inner battle with yourself that much harder to deal with. Only prolonging the process of eliminating the thought to begin with. Please speak your truth, it is important and could help others to feel brave enough to speak theirs.
  2. “If I just keep my head down and play it safe, I will be happier and with no regrets.” Sounds cheesy, but have you ever heard that quote  by Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” ? That is what happens when you play it safe. I learned this the hard way – not only does it give the aura of insecurity on the outside but it keeps you stagnant. YOU have to make the CHOICE to make a change, to make that move; take a risk! Trust me, you will probably hit some bumps in the road but you regret the things you did not try or did not go for out of fear and playing it safe a whole lot more.
  3. “It doesn’t matter anymore because it’s too late.” I cannot stress enough that it is NEVER TOO LATE! Regardless of what you have faced, what has been placed in front of you to break you down, what you did or did not do, there will always be another opportunity for change; to become an improved version of yourself. Find within yourself that level of peace, strength and certainty in order to weed out not only your negative thoughts and the shaky opinions/judgement of others. It is not too late.
  4. “I really wonder what ______ would think if I…” Stop asking for permission! Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. No one knows your passion as well as you, so wasting time and energy on asking and stewing over the thoughts and opinions of people who wouldn’t understand you anyway is absolutely pointless.
  5. “I’ll get to it later.” No better time than the present. Sometimes there seems like there is not enough time in a day but tackle the important things first while understanding that not everything has to wait until tomorrow. Get out there! You will be surprised at how you feel and what you can accomplish in a day when the thought of letting it wait until tomorrow disappears.
  6. “Ignore and avoid. I repeat, ignore and avoid.” This thought kept me in a comfort zone that wouldn’t allow me to look at the darkest parts of who I was. In turn, I thought that by ignoring and avoiding these things, I could make it all disappear. I WAS WRONG! Tackle those demons head on, that is the only way that you will be able to reap the reward of a mind that is not filled with unecessary clutter.
  7. “You’ll never be good enough to…” This is probably the most common thought among those bearing negative thoughts daily. I advise that rather than getting comfortable with this thought about yourself that you really work on becoming comfortable with YOURSELF. Your thoughts become things, you have to choose good ones, you have to know your worth.

Eliminating these thoughts is not the direct path to rainbows, unicorns and tranquility but it is definitely a great foundational start to a healthier mind and way of life. Thoughts become things, if you have to make a choice, choose good ones!


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