Where People pleasing got me ….

I saw this and it instantly resonated with who I used to be and why I am on the path to living being my best self now. I hope that all of you grow to understand that the best that you have to offer comes from giving the best to yourself. Love yourself ❤

Where people pleasing got me ? Nowhere. And When I say no where, I mean that so deeply.

I’ve always wanted people to be ” happy ” with me. I wanted to be the thing that makes everyone happy, even if it meant I was the one unhappy. I would wonder why I wasn’t fully happy, allowing people to invade my space and not setting my own personal boundaries. That also comes with ME not knowing myself and respecting myself enough to create those boundaries.
Observing what I like, don’t like, even the things that make me happy. I was miserable by the end of the day because of two things;

1- Lack of Self love

2- Assuming I had the power to heal everyone around me.

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