What’s in my bag? *Toddler Edition*

I see this online so much but I have always been a bit unconventional with carrying things on the go, so Gabriel has had his own bag. It was not until a few months ago that he really expressed interest in holding it himself  (I’m thinking he probably seen me struggling to hold it together one day lol) but he loves it! He even calls it the “Big Boy Bag”. So without further a do, here is whats in the “Big Boy Bag”.

Honest Wipes: Wipes are for the booty, the nose, the hands, the face – just all of the above and we do not leave the house without them.

Honest Training Pants: Gabe is currently potty training and is telling us when he has to go (for the most part) but I realize he is a lot more uncomfortable going to the bathroom in these as opposed to diapers so progress is being made – meaning the less I have to pack! Yay Gabe!

One Spare Outfit: I learned a hard lesson when he was a newborn about the necessity of a spare outfit. In fact it was that “shit all up the back, down to your feet” experience in a busy mall. Needless to say, we always have a spare.

Blanket: I pack a blanket just in case we stop anywhere and he can no longer fight his sleep. Restaurant booths, a friends couch, even in the car – a small blanket comes in handy.

Honest Lotion: We practice A LOT of  hand washing so lotion is a must.

Snack and Juice Box: Essential nutrients and distraction all in one. Enough said. Wait no – I forgot to mention that I only do one snack and juice box at a time because forgetting about them in the bag could really suck when I realize I left them in there.

Toddler Shades: Since switching to a front facing seat, I realize it does not matter which side of the car the seat is placed, Gabe is forever yelling at the sun to stop. I felt terrible so we started packing sunglasses and for as long as I keep mine on, he doesn’t take his off. Hey, whatever works right?

Mickey Mouse: Last but not least, Mickey. He doesn’t exactly fit in the bag, but he goes just about everywhere with us. He gets strapped into a seatbelt in the car, gets his own snacks and even prefers a window seat.

I love that Gabe feels accomplished with his little bit of independence at 19 months old and loves his bag much as I enjoy holding my own hahaha! What’s in your toddlers bag?



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