My priority is “myself”

Exactly what I have been feeling lately! She did an amazing job at putting self-love into perspective! 🙂

As i always say respect yourself.

Accept yourself.

Today, i want to add few more things. The most important thing is;

  • Being yourself.
  • Identify yourself.
  • Create yourself.
  • Satisfy yourself.
  • Make happy yourself.

You are the first love of you.
Many people can think that i am suggesting you to be selfish.

Not at all, i have not such intention. I just want to say only one thing

Be honest with yourself.

Whatever you are doing,

Are you really happy with that?

You are doing because;

  1. That is your responsibility.
  2. To make others happy.
  3. You made promise for that.
  4. You have some expectations of worth.

It is really an amazing thing to make your surroundings full of happiness. But not on the cost of your own happiness, self-respect and your worth.

You can make others happy only if you are happy.

Thats all.

“Being of yourself is not a matter of…

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