When the holidays are just NOT your thing

Felling like a Grinch this holiday season? I am usually the one extra excited about Christmas (especially now that we have Gabe around) but my husband… BAH HUMBUG! We even got a fake tree this year, against the house vote of course but he was the only one with enough time to pick it up.  So in an effort to keep some real cheer in the holiday season, I found some ways to survive the holidays when you feel like a Grinch.

  1. Don’t be afraid the say no – Don’t feel like attending that extensively festive, office holiday party? Don’t feel like going home? Just say no! Realistically, the pressure to be in multiple places at once during the holidays and the unwavering desire to escape carols, lights, and a random Santa on every corner is just too much! By relieving yourself of the pressure to be present, you might find more enjoyable moments when you pick and choose at your own leisure.
  2. Do something nice for yourself – Do you give and give and give all year round? Maybe it’s time to think about you! Travel, buy a new outfit, take the holidays and do things that make you feel good!
  3. Don’t Fake the Funk – If the holidays is not your thing, embrace that shit! Throw an anti-holiday party, put up quirky decorations that no one will get but you,  or set house rules that only Scrooge could think up to chastise holiday lovers. Creating your own traditions Strange way of thinking but creating your own anti-holiday tradition could actually make you crack a genuine, holiday smile.
  4. GIVE – Is it possible that you’ve been jaded about what the holidays actually mean? Maybe it is time to give of yourself to others. Volunteering at soup kitchens, nursing homes and even in your community (local schools, Boys and Girls Club etc.) can bring you a sense of what Christmas used to mean to you and bring you joy from seeing others truly appreciate it.
  5. Don’t spend what you don’t have – Easier said than done right? Money is a huge stressor around the holidays. Find other ways to give. Utilize skills to help others, bring back some nostalgia and create homemade gifts – or just pull out the old phone book and just call to say Merry Christmas! It won’t kill you.
  6. Don’t decide to celebrate last minute – you will only be hurting yourself. Don’t attempt that last minute get together, last minute shopping and or traveling. You will create unwanted stress, anxiety and seriously could spend Christmas bald and in need of an overdue therapy appointment. Avoid any shopping areas at all cost! After all, if you want to be a Grinch, you have to commit, right?


Happy Holidays!



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