The Art of Gift Giving – Our Way 

When it comes to Christmas and the holidays in general, I am the mooshy, annoying, “let’s find the real meaning in this moment” kind of gal. Outside of my birthday being in January, the talk of money stresses me out and the idea of people trying to pinpoint exactly what I want gives me even more anxiety because outside of inner peace, I can’t think of shit else that would mean more to me right now hahaha!

So after starting my own family, I decided that stocking stuffers were my deal! Things that contribute to my everyday life and are not so big and expensive that I feel obliged to reciprocate gifts of equal or greater value. My husband on the other hand, always wants just one big thing every year which doesn’t bother us much because we want our son to have Christmas how we never did (he’s still kind of that play with the box more than the toy kid anyway). We were told we are weird but its just kind of how we do things – we come to Christmas for family, food and drinks!

What are some of your gift giving ways? We want to know!

(Sidenote: Before anyone talks about stocking stuffers being lame, remember how snug gift cards, movie tickets and jewelry boxes fit into them lol)


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