Finally Getting into the Spirit

It’s happening guys! I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit for real for real! The burnout from Thanksgiving has subsided, my thoughts are getting clearer, I’m done shopping, the house smells like a shit ton of Christmas scented, three wick Bath and Body Works candles and my taste buds are ready for my orange cranberry sauce spread over a slice of fried turkey. My tree is looking a little crazy though, I just realized my son is stashing candy canes he’s able to reach at the bottom of the tree and putting them under his pillow!

I’ve been bombarded left and right by craziness and have felt the urge to finally fully commit to playing my iTunes Christmas playlist, wearing more red to work and even sending out holiday cards to friends and family. Nothing too “schmancy” just enjoying the holiday my way you know? How are y’all holding up? We’re about 2 weeks away!





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  1. Valerie

    LOL, how old is your son? My six year old begged for candy canes last week, came home from the store and proudly displayed them on the tree and has eaten all twelve of them (with the help of his brother) eaten them all as of this morning!
    I have the spirit but I’m hoping I get the literal energy to do some of the work! I’m nearly 32 weeks pregnant and on bedrest so I’m not sure how presents will get bought and wrapped this year… 😛

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    • theemothership

      He’ll be two in February but he is so friggen clever already! Lol they were all stuck to the back of the pillow hahaha! Congrats on your bundle of joy! Boy or girl? I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get it done either (I’m only 19 weeks with twins and on the struggle bus physically already!) now all of them are sitting at the top of the tree and the bottom looks so bare!

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      • Valerie

        Aww! Haha
        My youngest will be two in June. 🙂 Thank you! Congratulations to you, too!! It’s a girl this time, so that will be three girls and two boys in total (and now we’re done!) 😀


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