Tis’ the season – Don’t Be Surprised if “They” Come Lurking

Ever have those days where things are happy and joyous? Your with your family, friends, significant other or even with yourself and holiday pictures are going up, shopping is being done and a merry good time is being had by all? And then your phone buzzes. You see a text message from an unfamiliar number but a very familiar area code only to open it and….

It’s your ex. Your ex friend, ex lover, ex coworker, exed from your freaking life is what they are and somehow they find you at one of the most happiest times of your life wanting to “see how things are going for you” or “have lunch sometime” – you know, sit and “talk”. At this point, you feel so conflicted, every piece of you is thinking of your next move. Should you? Will it be the same? Here are my tips for dealing with “lonely stragglers” during the holiday season.

Should you decide to reunite: (because let’s be real, many people do) Set your boundaries! Visit in a public place, don’t bring up the past but be attentive. If this is going to be closure let it be just that. If it is going to be more, well, I have another post scheduled for that! Just know that how you feel about the situation is real and closure is not found in the climactic ending of sex.

Should you decide NOT to reunite: (because in my womanly opinion, the past is where most people should stay when they ride off into the sunset without you) don’t respond. Erase the text, block the call – keep living your life! When things like this occur as the new year approaches all I can think is that this a test of your will and who you are as a person.

But I urge you before you make any rash decisions to think about what kind of baggage you are willing to bring with you into the new year.