What I Love About This Season

I was out with my son yesterday at the FreshMarket and felt super observant of everything around me. I realized I was actually slowing down. I was not trying to rush out of the market to avoid people or ready to be in the comfort of my own home. I was actually seeing things. Outside of the casual driver in the right lane picking their nose or the crazy person in customer service bitching about how a coupon that expired months ago should be valid, love was all over the damn place.

Some couples were cuddled up shopping together for collective gifts and decorations, while others were ducking and dodging each other to hide the gifts they were buying for one another (aww the joys of one car and the same day off – I remember those days lol). Children were waving hey from shopping carts across the isle to Gabe and when I looked down and smiled, he grabbed my face with sticky hands and kissed my nose. He must have felt it too.

Love is everywhere. It is literally my favorite thing about this season. I guess I have been so caught up in the thought of Christmas to see that is happening all around me. Spread the love ya’ll!



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