The Office Christmas Party

Transferring into a new role in a new location has not been an easy thing for me. Partially because I have been super exhausted but mainly because I am dealing with a monster everyday who walks around with a constant problem and a clipboard.  Nonetheless, I decided to salvage my leave and attended the office Christmas party yesterday. All in an effort to meet and mingle with others, for my son to have a great time (children were invited) and of course, eat all the great pairings everyone prepared for the party; you know since I am eating for three and all! I mean, outside of my being micromanaged at the party like I am everyday at work, I found ways to actually have a great time and my son really really enjoyed himself – he even got a gift.

Not everyone enjoys the mandatory Christmas shindig but here are some ways I survived it this year.

Don’t attend the party on an empty stomach – If you’re anything like me, you don’t eat just anyones cooking. I suggest making sure you eat just a little something. You never know how much of anything you’ll eat – or better yet enjoy.

Use the party as an opportunity to meet new people – I am sort of that “introverted-extrovert” type of person but when I am new, I like to jump in and show face. Meeting and mingling at a huge function like this alleviates the awkward “hey, are you new?” conversations.

Don’t talk about work – Let go of the days and weeks before the party and just loosen up. Don’t let the stress of work have you unable to have a great time!

Stay away from the alcohol – If you want to get “lit like a Christmas tree” this holiday season, the office Christmas party is just not the place to do it. Enough said.

Be gracious – There are people who worked super hard to make these things happen (even when they have no choice) so I work on thanking them for everything when they’re not running around crazy lol

Have a great time – Enjoy yourself! Let go and enjoy the time of year. For some, this is the only time that they have to interact with anyone else this Christmas.


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