Potty Training Pride and The Twins

Just sharing some of the holiday mommy joy I am having today. Not only has Gabriel used the potty all week at least three times a day – but the one accident he did have, he immediately ran to me in discomfort to let me know; dragging his bag behind him to change his clothes. I even got โ€œpease?โ€ out of it. His growth is so amazing. Bittersweet for sure, but I am so proud of this little man I am raising.

On the other side of the womb, I woke up about 5am this morning feeling nothing but joy. Shocking I can salvage positive emotions with all that has been occurring in the past few weeks but at 19 weeks, I can see and feel so much movement from the twins. A constant reminder that of all the things that are not going so good, I am creating life and how powerful I am.ย  More than I am even able to comprehend at times. We find out their genders next week! Fingers crossed for two more boys but I will be happy either way!


Throwback to when my babe was 6 months old … time is flying! โค


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