Christmas Gender Reveal? The Twins are Thriving!

So I haven’t talked about my pregnancy much since my first post and initial reaction since finding out that I am having twins. However, with the move across country, going back to work and getting my home under control I have had the opportunity to tend to all of the alerts on my phone and well, would you look at that, I’m 20 weeks pregnant! With twins! Haha

I can honestly say that things have not been bad. The morning sickness was something totally new to me since I did not have it with my son but my mornings hanging over the toilet have since come and gone along with all of my initial feelings of uncertainty and straight shock. I still get those overwhelming thoughts screaming into my head from time to time shouting things like, “How are you going to do this?” “Where is the money going to come from?” Why does everyone have so much unnecessary input?” Yeah, I ignore those thoughts. I have found it in myself to understand that it is pretty damn awesome to be bringing two lives into the world at the same time and that if it was happening to me, I was built for this! If you only knew what I went through before Gabriel, you would understand that bittersweet feeling I have every time I get this far along in a pregnancy. But everything is going so well.

None the less, tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow I will find out the gender of the twins and although I am nervous, I am excited to reveal the big news to my family, friends and of course you all on Christmas Day! Fingers crossed for two more boys! Ahhhh!!


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