The Hiatus

First things first, I found out the gender of the twins! We are expecting a baby girl and a baby boy April of 2018! We are so excited and nervous! Time is flying! 🙂

But honestly, even with all that’s good, when it rains, it pours right? This month has been one of the most challenging for me in terms of wrangling my emotions, taking care of things that are usually easy to take care of daily, my relationships with others, my relationship with myself and simply trying so hard to make sure everything goes right, that nothing seems to be working out in my favor at all. I am still moving steady though through all of those emotions, the feelings of sadness/frustration and all of the changes that are occurring in my life because I know that when things get tough like this, something so much better is on the horizon.

With that said, it might sound strange to some but I am going to be taking a little hiatus from social media of all forms until January 3rd. Please do not let this get confused with running because I will indeed be back but I acknowledge that sometimes, we need to take a step back for the sake of ourselves. The range of emotions I have been feeling has not only been affecting my personal life and those around me but also the content that I want to push out to my readers, friends and family. I have so many valuable things to share and I want to speak about things that I love. I want to be able to be consistent and post without the pressure of feeling like it needs to be done at the expectation of others. I mean, in case you haven’t noticed – Blogmas was a FAIL and that is because the focus has just not been there. But I digress. I am taking time to heal; time to figure me out; time to love on my family and myself; time to get back to why I wanted to share my voice to begin with; time to free my mind from unnecessary, everyday distractions and negativity; time to make the distinction between what I feel and what’s real.

I just need a little time and I hope that you all understand what your support means to me in the writing community and beyond. Not only will all of my content be as meaningful as the thoughts that put the words on paper, but my page will be a reflection of me as a whole. Cheers to a safe and healthy transition into the New Year. Thank you all for understanding.


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