January 13th – Ahhh! I’m 27!😭

Hey all! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. My 27th birthday is well, today and unlike half of the world who begins their New Year on January 1st, MY New Year transitions springs into action on January 13th. I have set goals for myself for the start of it all. Some more personal than others but I felt my issue was rarely the goals I set for myself, but how to successfully execute them so that at this time next year, I am that much closer to being the best version of myself I can actually be. My top three tips to myself are:

  • Treat Yourself with Kindness

The first thoughts I have when something does not go as I thought it would or I’m feeling discouraged is, “What did I do wrong? Being the kind of person that has to find the why behind every situation has gotten in my way before but I refuse to let my mind flip the switch; making me believe that I am the problem.

Breaking my bad habits are at the top of my priority list and in an effort to not feel pressured, I am going to be as kind to myself as I can possibly be in the healthier areas of my life. If I complete even the smallest things on my to-do list daily, I will relish in what I have completed. If I get tired of meal prep for the 4th day in a row, I won’t let that slice of pizza I decided to have instead make me feel like staying on track is no longer worth it. Distancing myself from negativity and bad habits has to start somewhere and I believe it is in optimizing the good things and positivity I am able to accomplish.

  • Avoid the Void

When breaking bad habits, I found that dumping old, toxic behaviors leaves a lot of time to sink into temptation and the thought of going back. However, if you replace the bad habits with something more positive, it can be easy to find yourself back in an old slump.

I am filling the voids of unhealthy thoughts with a brand new gratitude wall in my home (my way of making those thoughts visible every day – even when I don’t have the opportunity to open my journal. I am filling the aches and pains from this pregnancy, bad nights of sleep and long days at work with routine stretch exercises (having a toddler makes this fun lol). Instead of watching shows and reading things that highlight negativity, I choose “feel good movies” and read encouraging “trial to triumph” novels. I’ve even filled the void of unhealthy relationships and conversations with more honest writing, time spent with my husband and son and or course, ME time.

  • When You Are Feeling Down, DO NOT GIVE UP – Be Prepared

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Quitting anything that you’re conditioned to doing can take a toll on you physically, mentally and or emotionally and being aware of these side effects can aid you in combating negative feelings. I have fell back into bad habits in the past simply out of boredom and as a result have felt serious regret and remorse afterward. Acknowledging that not every single day is going to be a good one has guided me through and I believe it is an essential part of any transition when trying to purge something.

The older I get, the more my birthday transitions from nights I can barely remember and mornings recovering, into pushing past pain, discomfort, negativity and flat out self sabotage. Cheers to my New Year – one that is launching off in pure positivity, happiness and severing toxic behaviors. Happy Birthday to this pretty lady😊