I am going to have a 2 year old in less than a month from now!

I am going through a bout of severe nostalgia since my birthday this past Saturday. Time is literally flying. Not only are we halfway through January, but my baby boy is turning 2 in less than a month. I have so many mixed feelings. I was just in labor for 12 hours one unexpected morning and had the opportunity to pull my little 6 pound best friend into the world with my bare hands. My bubs is now a toddler and as much as I miss those tiny baby boy days, the big boy days are so much fun. His intelligence, love, interest, mannerisms and vocabulary have seriously grown into that of a 16 year old at times but nonetheless have stunned me, taught me great “new mom” lessons and made me a proud mother.

I have been going back and forth since Christmas on how to give my little guy the “ultimate 2 year old party weekend”. Last year my mom insisted on throwing the ultimate one year old birthday bash and it was a great turnout but Gabe was absolutely oblivious to EVERYTHING happening around him. This year however, is something different. He’s making friends that he comes home and talks about when I ask about his day. He’s telling me how old he is going to be using his fingers and I truly think he will understand the concept of a party this year!

I decided to do a day with his munchkin friends and a day with just mom and dad. I loved seeing him rip gifts open this past Christmas so I think I’ll wrap most of them just to see his face light up as he opens them, cook his favorite food (spaghetti) and take him to our favorite place for a day of fun (the beach). The following day will be at the trampoline park for the munchkins with food, fun and gifts. We love Jurassic Park in this house so the theme has already been decided!

My husband came up with a nice idea to start a cool little montage of pictures from birth until now which my sensitive ass has totally decided to get started on after peeking through my iCloud drive this weekend. Time is flying and even with two little ones on the way, my love for Gabriel is forever growing. My first born, my rainbow baby, my first REAL love. Cannot wait for this special day.


P.s. Enjoy one of my favorite snaps from this awesome 7 month old 🙂



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