Being your #1 fan & why no one else is supporting your dream

As most are aware, I have not written anything for a while. I mean during these last couple of months, there have been plenty of ups and downs in my life but these things have set the stage for me to live more for myself and ultimately chase my dreams no matter what stands in my way. In all honesty, I felt a little awkward at first. You know, because you are so excited trying to pursue things no one would expect of you but I was excited to share with friends, family and even my husband. Little did I know, the unenthusiastic and mostly questionable responses that came from those I care about most knocked me into a world of discouragement and depression.

I mean, why is it so hard for others to see me transforming and growing to be who I truly am? How was I going to be able to believe in myself and the future I know that I can have doing something that I love, if those that I hold near and dear don’t believe in me beyond their expectations of who I can be or mainly who they need me to be for them? I constantly racked my brain about this and sat in all of the feelings of loneliness, heartache, depression and even resentment that I waited so long caring what anyone would think and pushed forward with a new thought process that I cycle through when I am my biggest fan and no one else supports, or better yet even believes in my dreams.

  • They Don’t Understand and It Is Not Your Responsibility to Make Them.

Time and time again I find myself trying to explain why I went from getting a Master’s Degree in the legal field to wanting to pursue writing full time when truthfully, it is not for anyone to understand but myself. Everyone is different and really, there are some that are so stuck in their ways they will make you feel as if you trying to do anything outside of the norm is a waste of your time. Please understand, it is not your job to guide them through your journey. Live your dream.

  • Piggyback off of #1: Live YOUR dream. This is YOUR life.

Stop living for others. My blog is not the hugest or most well-known but I continue to post as much as I am inspired to because I am living MY dream. I cannot express how many of my friends or family who have supported me through this dream have never even pushed the follow button on my blog or even take the opportunity to read it. In all honesty it used to kill me, but I started thinking to myself – who in the entire fuck are you doing this for?! Brush it off mama and keep pushing!†This is your life and your future. Imagine how good the success that you strive for will taste when you realize you allowed no one to have a detrimental influence on that?

  • Misery loves Company

Uninspired individuals and their jealousy seem to cling to those who vibrate higher. It seems the less faith they have in themselves, the faster they get to working at discouraging you. Do not excuse this behavior as friends and or family being real or logical when assessing your dreams. These people are spreading doubt and do not have your best interest at heart. Honestly, anyone who threatens to limit your true quality and potential to be the best version of yourself in life should have you considering taking a step back.

  • Reality Check: Time Waits for No One

ace it, life is short. I just turned 27 and I am feeling the effects of losing some of my close childhood friends and even family members in 2016. All of these losses have been painful but have pushed me in a way to not do myself a disservice staying below the radar and not pursuing what makes you happy. It has encouraged me to live my best life, unapologetically and with no regrets, and love to no end. Spend the rest of your days living life to the fullest and happy with what you have accomplished and are pursuing.

  • Have faith

t give up or give in to the negativity. As long as you remain dedicated, focused, happy and know what is best for you, there is nothing and no one that can deter you from that path. Keep on, keeping on.