Finding Time for Myself

So a few months back I wrote a post on being the best company that you can keep (awesome post by the way you should definitely check that out here lol) Being the best company you can keep. However, lately I’ve been finding it harder to slow down with Gabe turning two, the babies coming sooner than expected and finding that QT in the middle of it all for my husband. But this week has been rough! I was feeling the need for me time and steady thinking of how important it is to have before I lose myself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

On Friday, I did just that. Although I went to work for the first half of the day, I took time off to get my car serviced, went to dine in alone at a nice Sicilian restaurant (being pregnant, I was definitely feeling the love from the waitress – shoutout to her for the extra bread!), wrote my heart out lol and soaked my feet at the salon. Oddly enough, it even felt amazing to go into Target and buy my favorite products without feeling the urgency to get back home or hurry out of the store to avoid crowds with my toddler or my crazy husband. The solace and time I had to move around at my own leisure was great! These are little things to some but to me, it geared me up for a long weekend of no husband, an outspoken, wild, potty-training son and twins that are constantly fighting for space in this small vessel of mine.

I have decided to dedicate two days out of the week for time like this; especially when the twins arrive (definitely more if I can fit it in). I plan to be a busy mama but if all I can fit into a day is a nice quiet bubble bath and my favorite meal – ehh why not? It definitely worked for me.


P.S. Who knew how amazing cooked goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes could taste together?!


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