A Letter to my 2-year old on his Birthday❤️


Happy birthday my love! Two years later and you are so much more than I imagined and everything I have ever hoped for. My Rainbow baby. 6 pounds 8 ounces, at 6:08 pm on this day two year ago changed my life forever. I woke up this morning and looked at you in your bed (actually surprised I was up before you) and began thinking about your first words, your first hysterical bouts of laughter, the first time you said “please” and “thank you”, your first scrapes and bruises, and even the first time you walked into daycare, gave me the biggest kiss and hug and walked away telling me to “have a good day”. Baffled, I will admit I sat in my car for about ten minutes wondering what had changed only to come to the realization that you are growing up.

That wobbly run you had at your first birthday party is now one full of vigor and laughter as you look back at me trying to keep up. You went from pointing out your favorite food in the market to demanding spaghetti, garlic bread and cucumbers for dinner almost every night because they’re all your favorites. Your independence brightens my days, while simultaneously creating a sadness in my heart because you’re not a baby-baby anymore.

Zipping your coat, putting on your shoes, picking out a dinosaur shirt for school everyday, writing your name, telling me what songs you want to hear on the radio in the car – each and everyday I am extremely happy for all that you have learned and everything that you will continue to learn; along with all that you continue to teach me.

Our days are not always perfect, but we make it through. The past year has been full of transitions and milestones that I only imagined would leave you a fussy mess but I look at you and somehow feel at ease – like you’re letting mom know its all going to be okay. I appreciate and love you for that more than you will ever know. Happy birthday Gabriel. You will forever be my boy. My life. My miracle. My inspiration to be and do things I never, ever imagined I could and the greatest love my heart has ever known in my twenty-seven years of life.

My baby – for always.

Love Mommy ❤



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