Transparency Through Writing

I have wanted to begin blogging for a very long time. I mean, I have always wrote down thoughts and such in a notebook and it took a while for me to be in a position to feel comfortable placing some of them onto the internet. However, this week, something just clicked. If I want people to relate, to feel comfortable and whole-heartedly know that they are not alone in a world filled with overwhelming problems and huge life-changing experiences, why not share my own with honesty and transparency? I truly used to filter my writing in fear of being judged. Everything was honest but some of the more gripping details of my experiences I have kept to myself. It is not that I have realized everyone needs to know absolutely every single thing about my life, but I understand some situations are definitely worth sharing to help others. With that being said, I just want all of my current and new followers to know that I appreciate you reading. I appreciate you leaving feedback and I appreciate your continued patience as I navigate my way through being more transparent through my writing.


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