Twin pregnancy update!!

Hey everyone! It’s been a few days and yep, I’m still hella pregnant with twins and the exhausted, working mommy of a now 2 year old. Bed rest starts next week and I have to admit my excitement is through the roof!

Doc Update: I am currently 29 weeks and 2 days but my belly is measuring 40 weeks and 2days. Considering I went into labor with my son at 36 weeks and delivered a healthy baby boy, you can imagine the strain my body is feeling as I have absolutely no clue what is like to be 40 weeks with one baby – forget about two.

They are growing healthy and a week ahead of schedule. Baby A (my baby girl) is still head down and ready for the gates to open lol and Baby B (my baby boy) is transverse providing constant head buts into the right side of my rib  cage. Nonetheless, my excitement is building and I still cannot believe my body is capable of something so damn amazing!

Docs are already trying scare tactics into getting an epidural or scheduling a c-section. Not that I am against any of these or mommies that choose or do not have a choice to utilize these methods but I love the idea of life taking its course and not really knowing my children’s birthdays until I think I’ve peed my pants and it’s time to hit the hospital. If medically necessary I will take the safest route possible but for now, I am going in guns blazing!

Cravings: SEAFOOD! SEAFOOD! AND MORE SEAFOOD. Outside of that, I have bee ravenous over simple salads with lots of greens and basic Italian dressing. Heavy food is just not exciting me anymore lol

My mood: Everything is just about squared away except for you know, the petty downsides of being a military wife. My husband may just miss the birth of the twins because he’s away at the moment, family will be here but not for a little bit (and I highly doubt the twins are going to wait for the day they purchase their plane tickets to arrive). I’m slightly losing my mind trying to figure out where my Gabriel will go as we were stationed here before but don’t quite live as close to old friends as we used to.

What I am doing to combat stress: I am keeping a positive head though! I am on a path of bringing more positivity into my life so I have been focusing on things that are important to ME, taking time for myself and family, writing and showing gratitude for all things. I have also been unplugging more during the weekdays, eating lighter, and reading more. It has definitely been working! Everything will work out for the greatest and highest good of everyone involved. Trusting in the universe! Thanks for reading.