Poor little heart

Another great blogger putting it all out there! Thought I would share as my heart needed this today. Thanks https://illicitvoodoo.wordpress.com/


Dear heart, I’m so sorry for letting you down once again

I apologize for putting other people’s hearts before you

I’m sorry for all the times I allowed you to die because someone walked away

I’m especially sorry for all the times I cursed you and blamed you for my immaturity

My lack of judgement put me in situations where my trust in you was compromised

I’ve put you in the hands of people who had no intentions of caring for you

I’ve traded my body for hopes of being loved in return

I’ve given you so freely to those who haven’t earned your loved

I’ve trusted family and friends until they used you up and sent you back broken

I fell in love three times but no one deserved your strength

I’ve sat in dark rooms and contemplated suicide because I was shattered

I forgotten your significance to my…

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