The Twinny Twin Twins Birth Story♡

Hey everyone! I finally had my babies! I think my body knew it was time because the pain was simply unbearable! I mean, getting in and out of bed every day was a challenge. Not in the “I don’t want to do this today” kind of way but the “shit, how can I turn without pissing myself and my legs giving out in the process” kind of way. It was rough but every piece of pain I felt through this time has brought me nothing but joy.

On Sunday, March 25th, 2018, I woke up to pee. The usual roll out of the bed, gaining my balance and walking to the bathroom with my eyes half closed. When I got back in the bed, my two year old turned around and said “mommy, I am so happy”, clapped his hands and turned back around to sleep. I chuckled at how random he was and stood up again to get something to drink. Only this time I stood up, my water broke!

I was so friggin’ shocked I just started to clean; wash dishes, fold whatever was in the dryer, make the bed; up in a panic while wondering if my toddler was some kind of prophet that knew it was all going down that night!

Once I got to the hospital around 4:00am, my nerves kicked in. I was 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant, 6 cm dilated so there was no turning back and I knew the risk of them being placed in NICU after they were born. I was also having a natural birth and feared baby boy would flip once his sister was delivered – ultimately resulting in a c-section that I would be put to sleep for. Did I mention my husband was four hours away for military training and his phone was on silent for hours while everyone was calling him to let him know what was happening? Yep. My Life. 

I sat for hours laboring when my husband showed up at around 1:00 pm and it wasn’t until about 4:!5pm that I felt Baby Girl Elliot’s head bulging. I let my nurse know and was rushed to the operating room (precautionary step just in case the c-section had to happen) where two NICU teams were set up, one for each baby. Lucky for us, after one huge push, Elliot Winter was born at 4:33pm 4pounds, 7ounces with no issues at all and Landon came shortly after with assistance from the doctor breaking his bag and 4 good pushes from me at 4:52pm, 4pounds 10ounces with no issues. 

Although they had about a week long stay in the NICU, they were home in no time and are now two months old! Best feeling was being able to love on them and run after my two year old as I suffered no tears and experienced the natural birth I intended. Things do not always go as planned so I am more than grateful that my children are here. Happy and healthy as can be!

Thanks for reading.


P.S. Meet Elliot Winter and Landon Asar (THE TWINS♡)