My 20 before 30 bucket list ✌

Hey everyone! So let’s get straight to it. We are halfway through 2018 and the 28th year of my life is quickly approaching! Bittersweet because I know 30 is right around the corner but I am totally convinced that those years will be the best years of my life. I mean the 20’s are hellllaaaa confusing and demanding in more ways than one. Nonetheless, I recently came up with a bucket list for myself to complete before I turn 30 as a way to keep myself happy, keep the same adventurous and curious side of my twenties as I make the transition and to start living instead of wishing. So without further adeu, here is my 30 before 30 bucket list!

  1. Roadtriiiipppppp! –  Not the Army PCS kind though. The kind where I can stop and explore a little bit of each state before my final desitination. See places I have always wanted and just be a tourist for once!
  2. Run a half marathon – I have always been a great runner but I mean dedicating my time to training and participating in an actual race would be awesome!
  3. Yoga and meditation at least once a week – I want to start making this a priority in my life as my physical, mental and emotional health is top priority for me as I dive deeper into discovering myself.
  4. Fly firstclass on a plane – nuff’ said.
  5. Travel to 3 different continents – I love traveling but I am over the more popular locations. Looking for hidden gems is the goal!
  6. Get together with my oldest friends – Sadly, so many of them have parted this Earth before 30 but I would love to meet up with everyone and see where life has taken us.
  7. Spend a night under the stars – I would love to go camping and get the full effect of setting up tents, building a fire and sleeping under the stars!
  8. Eat clean for an entire year – No fast food. Whatsoever!
  9. Say “NO” – I am slowly but surely learning the power that saying “NO” has over my happiness. I only wish to use it more often!
  10. Write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday for an entire year – I will be using my gratitude jouranl until the pages wilt!
  11. Be more comfortable and content with who I am – I am growing to love myself more and more as the years pass but I hope to only become more well rounded in this love as I enter my 30’s.
  12. Take myself out on weekly dates – As a mother of three, I don’t get much free time but the necesity for a little time to myself is so important. I want to take myself out to dinner or a movie once in a while. Or even a walk.
  13. Adopt a highway – this is so random but I always see the signs and I would love to do this lmao
  14. Start a Non-profit – This has always been a goal of mine that I constantly get distracted from but I am determined to get it done before 30!
  15. Volunteer regulary – I feel like I get so wrapped up in my own things that I forget to give and how great it makes me feel to help so I will start reaching out to charities to definitely become more involved.
  16. Finish 100 books in a year – I could probably finish this before this year is over if cut out the amount of television I’ve been watching since I have been on maternity leaveand use that free time sticking my head into a book! Goal set!
  17. Go a week without watching TV – I love to binge watch and really, most times the TV is on as background noise so a week without it would be awesome. Maybe even a month.
  18. Reach my fitness goals – I have a few areas I woudl love to work on but I would love to have more upper body strength!
  19. Learn a third language – While English and Spansih come pretty easy to me, I would love to learn something new.
  20. Continue to discover new things about myself – Forever growing, changing and learning. My journey of self-discovery will never stop.
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