Trust yourself. Trust the process.

Whoops! I made a big mistake and opened up far more than I was sure I was comfortable with via conversation. I mean, I have spoken before about becoming more transparent through writing and I felt as if I wanted this to translate better into my real life relationships. Because actual friends were few and far in between throughout my life, I found myself handling most of what life was throwing at me alone. Never being able to truly indulge in “girl talk” and trusting anyone beyond a good hangout session, an appetizer and some drinks.

This time, with my husband away for a bit I felt the need to reach out to friends and family for my own sanity. Only I found most of them eager for me to vest my trust and be a listening ear while secretly celebrating my hurt. Some even pulling out the old ruler to measure who’s shit is bigger. Reluctant, based on the enthusiasm of others, I spared details because as overwhelmed as I had felt, I could not bring myself to the level of vulnerability they were hoping would cultivate a nervous breakdown on my part but I felt a little ache in my stomach for what I did share with others and could no longer take back. I felt robbed and it hurt even more because I gave it away myself!

My point is, we share what we want, when we want to. So be patient and kind to yourself.

  • Trust the process because this could be a passing lesson not worthy of bringing others on board to help you navigate.
  • Trust your yourself when it comes to all aspects of you and your well being because not everyone is rooting for you to conquer your issues and come out unscathed.
  • Don’t feel compelled to share just to have something to talk about with others – for that could be the only reason they pick up the phone to dial you in the first place.