Find your happy place…

Hey everyone, recently I have been talking to more and more friends and family about their goals and desires and in the midst of it all slowing coming to understand my own. You know, because we are ever changing and all. In the process, I am hearing more and more how unhappy we all are living lives we never thought we would be living. Waking up everyday, driving and taking public transportation for miles to go and work a job that literally makes us physically and mentally ill but have no sick days left to get our minds right. When asked why we stay – money and security are the first responses, hope for a change/promotion is second and fear is third. Rarely ever do I hear anyone say they are happy with their job; most are just happy to have one in the first place.

I just want to let out a subtle reminder to those friends and family members to follow your dreams. Even if where you are now is just a stepping stone for you to set the right foundation. Either way, remember there is a difference between your mind and your heart and you need to distinguish between what you feel and what is real. Sticking to what is in your head and chasing money instead of pursuing happiness can result in a lifetime of regret and “what ifs?”. Find your happy place. I encourage you.