A Concious Effort to Feel

Hey everyone! I got a few questions in my email about my day to day emotions after the babies were born and how I deal with everything that comes at me. I truthfully don’t even know how I am doing any of this! Everything is such a big blur and while my day basically fluctuates between working out, reading, cooking and writing – I simultaneously find myself double breastfeeding, getting peed on and laughed at, trying to catch spit up before it hits the carpet and trying to actually be human; you know, change my human setting that allows me to actual feel? LOL

With that, I really sat and made a list of the top activities I engage in that allow me to feel without going to extremes like jumping out of planes and shit.

  1. Show love & gratitude – I have said it before and I will say it again, gratitude can CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE! No matter how crazy I wake up feeling some mornings, I write down what it is I am grateful for in those moments. Not only does is bring positivity and appreciation to my day but guides me toward looking at what’s ahead for the day with a clean outlook considering everyday is a surprise for me lately. In addition, shut off your devices and pay attention. Be in that moment and no where else. Just the small hug I give my husband when he walks in from work (even with every child demanding attention) speaks volumes. Peep: Why I utilize, and will continue the use of my gratitude journal
  2. Enjoy yourself without smoking or drinking – After a loooooonnnngg twin pregnancy, I have to admit I was beyond wanting a glass of wine, I needed a shot of Jack Daniels Whiskey. Warm. However, being present, sound and at peace with your emotions is so much more important and trying to numb or dull your senses. Take a break, you may even learn something about yourself.
  3. Spa-day – Okay listen, before I get into this, am I the only mother who hears the phantom baby cries or every child they have flipping out of their crib while they shower? Oh, okay. Lather, groom, moisturize. I cannot express what a shower longer than 15 minutes and a good coco butter rub does to my entire day. Just being able to move with ease instead of rushing to handle a small, everyday luxury to some is everything. Take that time to treat yourself.
  4. Driving around aimlessly – I drive most places because of where we live and find that somedays, the car is where the babies are most content so it’s a win-win. Play your favorite song, sing it at the top of your lungs and feel the lyrics in your spirit! I always feel this way after hearing a song I haven’t heard in a while but it brings me back to specific time and place of great memories – most times, instant mood booster!
  5. Enjoy the sunshine…and the rain with no distraction – having absolutely nothing to do is not such a bad thing (I had to learn to sit still from time to time). But when it is sunny, I get out and enjoy the rays. Although it’s hot, and this might sound funny, take time to realize the sun traveled a long way to feed you it’s energy. Now for those of you dodging the rain for whatever reason, get caught up in it one day; no umbrella. Those were some of my best summer nights as a child and until this very day I enjoy opening all of the windows during a nice rain shower.
  6. Cook your favorite meal and don’t just eat it, taste it – Savour every ingredient that makes the recipe sacred to you. I find that I rush to eat at times and I am just satisfied with being full. However, being happy with what I have eaten is a different story. Appreciate every bite and all of the flavors. Enjoy your meal.

Hope this helps! 🙂