The Twins: Elliot & Landon’s 5 Month Update!

Baby! Baby! Baby! The Twins are 5 months old and thriving! I mean when they say that all babies are different, these two gems are no exception. The thought of having twins made me believe I would be able to keep them on the same schedule but now that they are here, I can truly say they have different plans for me! I cannot believe how much they have grown since their 1 week stint in the NICU at 33 weeks. So here it is everyone! A look into their growth and progress along with what’s going on with me and a little input from dad – Oh! and lots of pictures. ❤



Just in case you missed it, click here The Twinny Twin Twins Birth Story♡  for Elliot and Landon’s birth story: 3.25.18 Born at 33 weeks ❤

Shall we begin with big sister?

Elliot’s Current Stats:

❊ Age

Five Months (24 weeks old to be exact)

❊ Weight & Height

ELLIE: 12 lb 7 oz and (about) 24″  – Ellie has always been ALOT smaller than Landon since birth (I attribute it to being squished in my belly and not getting to the food first). Although she is lighter than I expected her to be at this appointment, she is still going extremely well for a premie!

LANDON: 13 lb 11 oz and (about) 24″ – Landon or my “BIG BOY” as I call him has grown so much! Trust that the disproportioned weight of the carseats is especially noticeable! He is also doing very well for being a premie and is surprising me every day!

❊ Eat –

ELLIE: Breastfeeding continues to go smoothly but truthfully Ellie is the baby that prefers the bottle. Quick and easy! While she takes Similac to supplement for growth, when I can, pumping for her has made feeding time much more convenient but there are those days where a longer poppy pillow could come in handy as I breastfeed both babies at the same time. She officially dropped her 12AM feed and is successfully eating about 6 times a day with the 3AM being the only one during our sleeping hours.  Sounds inconvenient to some but this is a miracle! LOL She has also started Oatmeal, apples and sweet potatoes! Things get really messy when it comes to those!

LANDON: My “BIG BOY”! Breastfeeding is his total preference and steak and potatoes if he could have them! No but really, he is strictly a boob kid. I do occasionally give him pumped bottles and or formula to supplement but he is like clock work with his feedings. Landon is much more demanding than Ellie. When he is hungry, he’s hungry and he will literally do backflips to get to my chest. However, Landon’s curiosity doesn’t call for consistency so feeding him takes longer than usually as he kind of sips, looks around, takes in the scenery, back to boob, repeat… He still adheres to the 3-6-9-12 feedings during the day but successfully makes it to 3AM skipping the night time 9PM and 12AM feeds. He is also eating oatmeal, apples and sweet potatoes. Although he is definitely not a fan of the apples, he is definitely making up for it with his veggie intake! ❊

❊Sleep –

ELLIE: I have yet to experience any sleep regression (fingers crossed) but Elliot overall is a great sleeper! Putting her down for bed at night in her bassinet while playing white noise has her out in seconds but during the day her baby cat naps are still as frequent as they come. She takes about 3 naps a day totaling around 4-5 hours total and 5-6 hours through the night. She stays up later than her brother going to sleep around 8PM but finds herself up at maybe 1AM for a feed, 4AM for a feed and waking up at 7:30ish for the morning where I have her do a little gross motor.

She sleeps on her back throughout the night and if she gets a little fussy, she is officially a thumb sucker! Truthfully, I am not a fan of of the thumb sucking but her ability to self-soothe has helped me to have a bit more time to get things done before having to drop everything and run into her room. I mean, and she looks so cute doing it!

LANDON: Landon is out by 6:30PM every night. No matter where we are, what we are doing, he is on his schedule. He officially sleeps through is 9PM and 12AM feeds so 3AM is when he is officially hungry and it shows! He is always laid on his back, but by morning, he is either on his tummy or in the opposite direction he was originally laid down in.

❊ Recent Milestones – Having two new additions to the family has been an overwhelming transition but a great one. Watching them grow is always the best part as they begin to engage and develop their own ways of doing things, become more curious and their own personalities begin to surface. I would not trade this for anything!

LANDON: is a rolly-poly. I lay him on the baby cushion on the floor and I can walk away for a second and he’s on the ceiling! Hahaha! Not really but he is super mobile and holding his head really well. Not to mention that beautiful smile of his! He is beginning to sit up while leaning forward a little (he uses assistance from me or the poppy pillow), playing with his toys and grabbing on things while pulling them close – to his mouth of course! He can hold onto a toy in each hand and simultaneously play with and be engaged in both.  He reaches up and out for what she wants to grab. Landon is more active with each passing day.

ELLIOT: Ellie literally does what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. While Landon is the “show-off”, Ellie takes her time showing you what she can do and when I relish in thinking “omg she is finally catching up!”, she hits me with this smile that says, “I was never behind, i just didn’t feel like it mama!” She flips back and forth but doesn’t seem to like being on her tummy too much.  She loves sitting up so I lay the poppy behind her for play time. She babbles and blows raspberries, smiles so big your heart could melt and shakes and rattles toys; bringing them closer to her mouth as well. She loves music, her bouncy chair and of course Daddy!  They’re growing too fast!! 😭

I don’t know if I mentioned this but I traveled back home to Boston via plane with Gabriel and The Twins with  for the first time in July  I had prepared myself for the worst case scenario on the plane, but they both did great and JetBlue in flight staff and surprisingly most of my fellow flyers were super supportive while seeing that I had my hands full with three under three. They slept most of the way and Gabe fell asleep at landing (go figure *inserts eye roll here*) There was little to no crying at all but I attribute that to playing white noise since they were born so once the plane took off that sound simply surrounded them.

❊ Special Moments – The looks that they give me! The hysterical laughter/giggles. The genuine innocence they wear on their faces when they sleep and the “I am going to lose my shit today” laugh I give off when I cannot figure out who to tend to first when their crying fits harmonize. Awwwwww, motherhood and the special moments.  They are both so special and playing with them, I often find that my cheeks begin hurting because I cannot believe I created them. I could just melt!




❊ Daddy’s Experience (in Chubb’s words) – I cannot believe I have twins. I can’t believe I have a daughter! They both brighten my day and even though I wish I could get more sleep, I can only imagine how Ashley does it every, single day. Time is flying so I am trying to hold onto each moment as much as I can.



❊ Mama’s Experience – I faced so many unknowns coming into motherhood for the second time around but with two babies at the same time and a toddler and I never thought I could be so friggen’ tired  and yet so full of joy at the same time. I believe that working through a lot of the  stressors and challenges that I have faced in the first five months of the twins lives allowed me to be a better, stronger and more confident mother and wife. Every time I look at all three of my babies, I cannot even think back to what my life was without them. We had a few hiccups in Gabe’s transition into big brother but I could not ask for a more well behaved and loving big brother for The Twins. Time is flying and I really want to try and keep up with these updates as much as I can but for now all I can really remember to do is enjoy all of my children at this very moment because they will never be as small as they were yesterday, or the day before that or the day before that. So much joy has been b  I can’t believe how grown up she seems to me brought into my life.


DISCLAIMER: All individuals pictured in these photos and clips are my actual family and were taken by me. They include my children, husband and myself. Please do not utilize them for your own personal or professional reason. Thank you for your understanding.