HOT OFF THE PRESS: Gabe is potty trained! How I got my 2 year old potty trained in 2 weeks!

Simple, he told me he was ready. No seriously.

About three weeks ago, my two year old would get up in the morning, and go about his normal routine. Pull out the step stool, brush his teeth, ask for Elmo pancakes and strawberries but I started to notice that he was adding on very specific question into the mix, “mommy can I have a new diaper?”


My initial reaction was, “What the hell?!” lmao and then just maybe I had left him in the pull up too long but truthfully, my two year old was being lazy butt. He felt the discomfort from a soiled diaper and even knew that the potty was sitting out ready for him to use but because I failed to enforce it, he went about his business; requesting a new pull up and acting as though MOM wiping grown man poops off of him and tossing HIS diaper was a chore. On that very day he uttered those words to me, I simply told him we were all out of diapers and he had no choice but to use the potty. And here is how it went.

DAY 1-5:  Yes, I am that mom that let my son potty train commando the first week. My initial thought was to get him in the groove of just going when he had the urge so I simply set a timer on my phone with his favorite song in 15 minute increments. Every time the timer went off, he went running to the potty and whether he had to go or not, he sat there for 5 minutes. We did over nights in diapers and afternoon naps commando but I limited water intake about an hour before both times. In the first week, we only had 2 accidents! Both were right in front of the potty and due to not being able to pull down his pants quickly enough while out or coming in from an outing.


Honestly though, I kept wondering  HOW IN THE ENTIRE F*$K did any of his poops fit into a diaper once he reached the comfort level of being able to let one go.

DAYS 5-10: Truthfully, the timer situation phased out around day 4. Soon, Gabe would be playing or watching a movie and he was dropping everything to hit the potty on time! I created a ridiculous potty dance that I had begun being reminded to do after he went which highlighted his enjoyment of his accomplishment and my creativity skills.


We got him some PJ Masks underwear and his effort not to ruin Catboy has been the mission since. None the less, we haven’t had any accidents during nap time and only one through the night. ZERO during the day and we’re still a work in progress but we are officially done buying Pull-ups!

DISCLAIMER: I chose to reward my son weekly for his consistency going potty versus every single day. At the end of the week, we did lollipops or cookies. Also, for the impatient mama, (as I can totally admit that I am at times) remember that accidents happen and that although I am no psychologists of any kind, I realized that my son became A LOT more anxious and prone to accidents in my past attempts at potty training as a reaction to my emotion when he couldn’t quite make it to the bathroom. Be aware of your energy and good luck to anyone on the potty training journey!


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