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A Wife, Mother, Writer, Healer, Goofball, Donut Lover, Truth Speaker, Broke, Rich, Loved, Hated, Unsure and yet so very Certain - I am what love feels like. I write to release but also to help anyone frantically typing their inner most thoughts and feelings into the Google search bar hoping for an answer but finding that even if there isn’t one, there is someone who can relate. That’s just me. Ashley❤️
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A Concious Effort to Feel

Hey everyone! I got a few questions in my email about my day to day emotions after the babies were born and how I deal with everything that comes at me. I truthfully don’t even know how I am doing any of this! Everything is such a big blur and while my day basically fluctuates between working out, reading, cooking and writing – I simultaneously find myself double breastfeeding, getting peed on and laughed at, trying to catch spit up before it hits the carpet and trying to actually be human; you know, change my human setting that allows me to actual feel? LOL

With that, I really sat and made a list of the top activities I engage in that allow me to feel without going to extremes like jumping out of planes and shit…