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What’s in my bag? *Toddler Edition*

I see this online so much but I have always been a bit unconventional with carrying things on the go, so Gabriel has had his own bag. It was not until a few months ago that he really expressed interest in holding it himself (I’m thinking he probably seen me struggling to hold it together one day lol) but he loves it! He even calls it the “Big Boy Bag”. So without further a do, here is whats in the “Big Boy Bag”.

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The Inner Struggle of the Working Mom

After a long military move and a few weeks off, I finally went back to work this week. Bittersweet because I know how much I enjoy working and miss the constant momentum but I also wish I had more free time to be with my son and husband – not to mention enough time to cook, clean, do laundry, find time for self-care and everything else I didn’t seem to think about all that much when I actually had the time to do it. I have always felt so conflicted when it comes to this topic because I envy the stay at home mom but the common misconceptions that they face are quite the match for mothers like myself who punch the clock daily.