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What’s in my bag? *Toddler Edition*

I see this online so much but I have always been a bit unconventional with carrying things on the go, so Gabriel has had his own bag. It was not until a few months ago that he really expressed interest in holding it himself (I’m thinking he probably seen me struggling to hold it together one day lol) but he loves it! He even calls it the “Big Boy Bag”. So without further a do, here is whats in the “Big Boy Bag”.

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Holy Sh*t! I am having twins!

And my 19 month old is thriving through his “terrible twos” phase. Finding out that I am having twins; or let’s back track… finding out that I was pregnant was a nice surprise but two little blessings sent me through a huge surge of excitement. But when I got home, I hit that Google search bar of my phone with phrases like “just found out I am having twins, the fear and anxiety is too much” or “pregnant with twins, how do I deal with going from one to three children?” and even “just found out I am having twins, how do I deal with the not so positive reaction from family/friends”. Yeah, in breaking the news to others, no reaction was created equal.