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Why I utilize, and will continue the use of my gratitude journal

For as long as I can remember, I held onto a journal. Not the kind you play mash in and hide the key under your pillow thinking no one will find it, but an inconspicuous notebook that went everywhere with me so that in times of fear, anger, happiness and even sadness I had the opportunity to let it out. But starting a new journey with a gratitude journal earlier this year has sincerely changed the way I navigate my everyday life.

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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving <3

Today is Thanksgiving (and my amazing husbands born day!) and although I am not really into the whole Plymouth Rock story thing, I stress the idea of being thankful and showing gratitude, being around people that you love and of course – eating that banging ass food that for some unknown reason only taste good on this one day each year. Either way, I wanted to share some things that I am thankful for!